How To Install UwAmp Server (Portable)

Install UwAmp Server (Portable)

1) Download UwAmp Server

1.1) Goto UwAmp website ( ) and look for download page ( )
1.2) Download

2) Install

2.1) Unzip the compressed file and find the program file.
2.2) Run the program file.

3) Test the server

3.1) Click the button www Site.
The above web page will be displayed if your installation has been successful.

4) Next Step?

If you are a beginner, you need to learn the following topics before you can work effectively with Uwamp.
4.1) Apache Server
4.2) PHP
4.3) MySQL or SQLite
4.4) PHPMyAdmin
<!DOCTYPE html>
echo "My first PHP script!";

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