How To: Develop Android Apps using AIDE and DropBox

How To: Develop Android Apps using AIDE and DropBox

0) Preparation

This tutorial uses Virtual Android running on VirtualBox. However, the steps are applicable to real device as well.

2) Install Android IDE (AIDE)

3) Install Support Tools

4) Create DropBox Sync Folder

DropBox Cloud storage makes it easy for beginners to store and share their projects online.
4.1) Create a DropBox Account.
4.2) Create a folder you wish to sync with AIDE, for e.g. “DropProjects

5) Getting Started With AIDE

5.1) Run AIDE.
5.2) Select Experts Mode.
5.3) Skip Create new Project... Dialog Box (press Esc or Tap outside of the dialog window)
5.4) Tap the three-dots button at the bottom right of the screen. 
5.5) Browse to the storage root folder, eg. /storage/emulated/0/…
Notice the icon “Download Dropbox Folder here…
5.6) Tap the icon “Download DropBox Folder here”.
5.7) A Dialog pops up and display list of your DropBox folder. Select “DropProjects” folder and tap “Download” button.

6) Create A New Project

Once your folder is synchronized with DropBox, you can start building Android Projects. (Sync is active when you see the menu “Sync with Dropbox” appears in the file explorer panel.


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