Crystal Report 2013 Select Records

Crystal Report 2013 Select Records

1) Create a new report

1.1) Go to menu bar. Select File/New/Standard Report
1.2) Select Customer table and click Next
1.3) Select Customer Name, Last Year’s Sales, Region and Country
1.4) Report is automatically generated based on your selection.

2) Select Records

Let’s say we want to select the country Brazil.
2.1) Click Select Expert (Record option)
2.2) Select Country in Choose Field window.
2.3) Select “is equal to” and “Brazil” in the input fields provided.
2.4) Select Refresh Data.
2.5) Outcome; Only Brazil is selected and displayed.

3) Select Formula

3.1) Click Select Record button again (refer Step 2.1)
Notice that your selection just now has been translated into formula.
3.2) Edit formula.
Change “Brazil” to “USA”.
3.3) Outcome; records from USA are selected and displayed now.

4) Formula Editor

Once you have understood how formula is written, you can start writing more complex formula.
4.1) Click Formula Editor in Select Expert window.
4.2) Highlight the text “USA” in the Formula Editor Panel.
4.3) Browse for sample data values.
4.4) Select Canada and click Paste Data button.
4.5) Outcome; Formula value has been changed to “Canada”.
4.6) Click “Save and Close” button in Formula Editor window.
4.7) Click “OK” in Select Expert window.
4.8) Outcome; report shows Canada records.
Save as customer-report-select-formula.rpt

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