SQL SERVER Developers 20221129



Case Study1: Direct Connection From Client Application To SQL Server

Android/Java and SQL Server 1

Android/Java and SQL Server 2

The Android/Java and SQL Server case study demonstrates the direct database connection from a client application to the sql server. It is useful for a quick check on the system integration between the client and the server. However it is not recommended for production use due to: (1) Security, and (2) Connection loads.

Case Study2: Using The NodeJS-Tedious Console Application To Connect To The SQL Server

NodeJS and SQL Server
Download sample ZNODES1 and unzip it.

The NodeJS and SQL Server case study demonstrates the use of NodeJS application to communicate with the SQL Server. It is useful for developers to try out many ways of manipulating the data on SQL Server in meeting the business requirements.

Case Study3: Using The NodeJS-Express-Tedious REST API Application To Connect To SQL Server

NodeJS REST API With Sequalize ORM
Download sample ZNODES2 and unzip it.

The NodeJS Express Server and SQL Server demonstrates the use of NodeJS project as a web server that provides REST interface for client to interact with the SQL Server. This is a recommended practice for production use.


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