What is the maximum size of JSON data that web browsers could handle?

As you can see from my results, the browsers were all surprisingly close to one another. The most interesting part for me was that Internet Explorer failed to load the object after the 250,000 record test. I couldn’t find anything pointing to a size limitation here. If anyone knows as to why IE failed to load the 500,000 record object, let me know.
From this test, I am considering the sweet spot to be around 10,000 records at (1.55MB). The maximum number of usable records I would push to a browser would be around 25,000 records (3.87MB). Keep in mind there are numerous factors to keep in mind when determining how many records you should return to your JavaScript application. The purpose of this test was to help identify a general maximum number for conversations around large record sets with JSON.

source: http://josh.zeigler.us/technology/web-development/how-big-is-too-big-for-json/ 

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