Simplest and Fastest Way To Learn PHP

This tutorial uses UsbWebServer 8.6 and SubLime 2. Both of them are free and portable.

1) Download the softwares.

1.1) Download pre-packaged zip file from
1.2) Extract the content to C:\ drive as shown below.

2) Run the softwares

2.1) Run usbwebserver
Find the program in C:\devweb\usbw86\...
Select language and check that green lights appear for both Apache and MySQL.
2.2) Click Root dir
2.3) Click Localhost
The content of index.php is displayed in web browser.
2.4) Run SubLime
Find the program in C:\devweb\sublime2\

3) Test your development environment.

By now, you should be having usbwebserver, sublime and web browser (displaying localhost) running.
3.1) Switch to SubLime.
Look at the item root in Folders Panel.
3.2) Right-click and select new folder
3.3) Type a name, eg test and press ENTER key.
3.4) Create a new file in test folder, eg helloworld.php
3.5) Type a basic output statement.
echo "Hello World";
3.6) Save.

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