Getting Started With Crystal Report 2013

Getting Started With Crystal Report 2013

1) Run Crystal Report 2013

Click the Windows START button.

2) Main Application Window

3) Starting With A Blank Report

3.1) Click Blank Report link.
3.2) In Database Expert Window…
…Select Create New Connection
…Select Access/Excel (DAO)
…Select xtreme.mdb database (download from here)
3.3) Find Customer table.
3.4) Select Customer table and click OK.

4) Adding Fields to Report.

4.1) Click Customer Name field and drag to the Report.
4.2) Outcome.
4.3) Click City Field, then press CTRL key and click Country Field.
4.4) While both fields are highlighted, click one of them and drag to the right of Customer Name object in the Details Section of the report.
4.5) Outcome.

5) Adding Text Object to contain data fields.

5.1) Click the Insert Text Button () and then click a blank area to the right of Country object in the Details section of the report.
5.2) Click Contact Last Name field and drag into the text box object.
5.3) Type a “,” symbol. Then drag Contact First Name field into a space to the right of the “,” symbol.

6) Adding Text Object as a header

6.1) Add a text box into the Page Header section and right on top of the textbox object in the Details section.
6.2) Highlight the text and click Underline Format button.

7) Print Preview

7.1) Click Print Preview button.
7.2) Outcome

8) Save

Save your report as customer.rpt

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