After Effects CS Getting Started

After Effects CS Getting Started

1) Start After Effects CS

2) Save Project

Save as “countdown”
Project is saved as countdown.aep

3) Import files

Go to menu bar. Select File/Import/File…
Assuming that you are using Windows XP, locate the following file: C:\WINDOWS\clock.avi
Or download from here.
Double-click the file name.
Test the movie by playing it.
Close the movie preview window.

4) Time Line Panel

Drag the movie into the Time Line Panel.
A new composition is created.
5) Previewing Composition
Click the Play button in Preview button.
You may not hear the sound.
Go to menu bar. Select Composition/Preview/RAM Preview.

5) Export

We are going to export the object in various formats.
5.1) Export as a movie
5.2) Export as an audio.
5.3) Export as image sequence.

6) Close Project

Go to menu bar. Select File/Close Project.
No need to save your project.

7) Additional exercise

Create a new project “newcountdown” Import all the exported media in step 5 and reconstruct the clock movie.
You may notice that the first two media were not correctly imported.
Press CTRL-Z to undo import.
Perform 3-step import as follows:
1) Import the movie
2) Import the audio
3) Import all images.
Select all images and drag them to Time Line Panel.
In New Composition from selection window, select clock_01.png as dimension reference.
Finally add the audio file.
Export your movie as QuickTime format.

8) Download

Download the QuickTime format here.

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