How To Install WordPress 4 (Portable)

How To Install WordPress 4 (Portable)
This tutorial guides you to setup WordPress 4.1.1 on portable platform (UsbWebServer 8.6)

1) Download the packages

2) Extract the packages

2.1) Extract UsbWebServer 8.6 to C:\USBW86\
Notice the root folder.

2.2) Extract WordPress as a subfolder in the root folder, eg wp411

3) Run Server

3.1) Run the usbwebserver program
3.2) Check for green lights on UsbWebServer Control Panel

4) Create Database for WordPress

4.1) Run PHPMyAdmin
4.2) Log in using default credential.
4.4) Create a database, eg wp411

5) Run WordPress Installation

5.2) Get ready with the required details.
5.3) Click Submit.
5.4) Click Run the install.
5.5) Enter required site and admin details.
5.6) Click Login

6) Test Admin DashBoard.

6.1) Login using admin credential.
6.2) You are now logged in.

7) Download

Download a complete installed package here.

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