Solution To: Android Emulator So Slow


If you Have an Moderate PC or Laptop not a super computer
and Visual studio or Android Studio runs so slow on it

Then you are in the right place :)
my laptop is Toshiba C660
core i5
4G Ram
Graphics Intel HD 3000
As I mentioned not super computer but now it runs Android studio Without any problem

The idea is to smartly distribute your resources and to get the best performance

1- 20 Gb free space in any partition 2- Flash memory of minimum 8Gb
3- Windows 7 or 8 or 10 :) Step 1:
Increase your virtual memory to be 20Gb

Step 2
format your flash memory "exFAT" and use it as Ready Boost

Step 3
Disable any unnecessary app from startup
Step 4 enable HAXM
Require Intel processor
Download this file from Intel:

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